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Mini Dental Implants Help More Patients Achieve Lifelike Support for Restorations

At Port Clinton Dental Care in Highland Park, IL, we provide advanced treatments using the latest in dental technologyDr. Michael Wasserman places and restores cutting-edge mini dental implants to provide an optimal treatment solution for tooth loss patients. This specialized option helps patients who may not qualify for traditional implant posts experience the life-changing advantages of dental implants.

photo of traditional and mini dental implants
A mini implant is much smaller than traditional implant posts, allowing for less invasive procedures.

How Mini Implants Differ

Like traditional dental implants, mini implants are typically threaded and made of titanium. However, mini posts are about half the diameter of traditional options, requiring less bone to support them and creating less of an impact on the surrounding tissues. The narrow shape of mini implants can also allow for easier insertion into the jaw, providing patients with the benefit of a less invasive placement procedure. In addition, most mini implants do not require a separate abutment piece to connect the implant post to the restoration. This unique feature can often enable us to attach an implant-supported restoration on the same day as surgery.

Mini implants can also be a viable solution for patients who have been told their bone is not strong enough to support traditional implants. Mini implants do not require as much bone tissue, helping many patients avoid a preliminary bone grafting procedure. Despite being smaller, mini dental implants can generally provide the same benefits as standard implants, preventing bone loss and creating a permanent, stable base for restorations.

Unique Treatment Options

Mini implants also allow Dr. Wasserman to provide a variety of unique treatment options that are often not available with traditional implant posts. One state-of-the-art option uses a technique known as All-on-4®. This specialized placement method can provide support for a full denture on as few as four dental implants. The front two posts are placed vertically, while the back two posts in the jaw are placed at an angle. This maximizes available bone tissue and provides a stronger base for your denture. 

For those who qualify, we are also able to provide same-day implant restoration. Traditionally, patients who receive dental implants would be required to wear a removable restoration while their jaw heals around the implant posts. Because mini implants create less impact on the jawbone, many patients can receive an implant-supported restoration the same day as their placement procedure. While this restoration will only be temporary, you can more quickly return to your normal eating habits, enjoying lifelike dental function and appearance. 

Dr. Wasserman has over 20 years of experience placing and restoring mini dental implants, and provides outstanding patient outcomes.

Treatment with Dr. Wasserman

Dr. Wasserman will develop a precise placement plan to suit your needs and design new teeth to fit and flatter your facial anatomy. Our mini implants procedure is usually performed with local anesthesia only. Following his precise surgical plan, Dr. Wasserman will insert each post directly through the gum tissue into the bone. Typically, no surgical incisions are made in the gums, and no sutures are required after placement. If you qualify, we can provide your temporary implant-supported restoration during this same procedure to restore your entire smile in a single visit.

A Team You Can Trust

For a mini dental implants solution to tooth loss, trust our experienced and caring team at Port Clinton Dental Care. Dr. Wasserman has over 20 years of experience placing and restoring mini dental implants, and provides outstanding patient outcomes. Please send us a message online or call us at (847) 432-1416 to begin your journey to a stronger, healthier smile.

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