Advantage Arrest Fluoride Treatment in Highland Park

Advantage Arrest Fluoride Treatment

Advantage Arrest Silver Diamine Fluoride 38% - 8 mL BottleAdvantage Arrest®, the first silver diamine fluoride available in the USA, made in the USA.Silver Diamine Fluoride has been used extensively around the globe for decades. Advantage Arrest silver diamine fluoride 38% will change how you offer your patients the protection they deserve. Advantage Arrest:

  • Provides immediate relief from dentinal hypersensitivity
  • Provides immediate relief from dentinal hypersensitivity
  • Hardens softened dentin making it more acid and abrasion resistant
  • Does not stain sound dentin or enamel
  • Can provide important clinical feedback due to its potential to stain visible or hidden lesions
Silver diamine fluoride 38% is indicated for the treatment of dentinal hypersensitivity. Advantage Arrest 8 mL bottles contain our new tinted formula for easy visualization during application and provide approximately 250 drops (enough to treat 1,250 sites, one drop treats 5 sites).​

If you have any questions regarding Advantage Arrest Diamine Fluoride Treatment, then please call our office at 847-432-1416.